Bathing helps with all sorts of ailments from a stressful day to aches and pains and chronic pain. Baths are a luxury that not all of us can have due to space requirements and mobility issues. However, we provide a wide range of assisted bathing options which brings the luxury of bathing to more people than ever.

There really is nothing like a long and leisurely soak in the tub to ease the stresses and strains of the day. So why not experience that soothing comfort and relaxation with our various accessories.

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Wall Mounted Shower Seat This wall mounted shower seat folds against the wall when not in use. Co..
White Line Shower Chair This shower chair has armrests on the side of the seat to provide additio..
White Line Shower Stool These height adjustable, aluminium shower stools have a cut out seat to e..
Bellavita Bathlift A True Bathing Experience  For Those Who Require Their Bathlift To Be ..
Lotion Applicator Enables the user to apply creams, oils and lotions. Can also be used as a si..
Luxury Shower Mat The luxury shower mat is soft, comfortable, free draining and manufactured..
Orca Bathlift Aquatec Bath Lifters - Tried and trusted by healthcare professionals. The Aquate..
Ringwood Rails Chrome  Homecraft Rails are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.Thi..
Shower Stool Wheeled Quality sturdy shower stool wheeled chairs makes you feel secure and mo..
Swivel Bath Seat Extremely useful at bath time. Consists of an aluminium base frame which adjusts..
Wall Mounted Shower Stool The Wall Mounted Shower Stool is made from lightweight aluminium constr..
Panda Bath Step The Panda Step has both style and safety and is suitable for any room in your hom..