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People can experience difficulties such as getting in and out of bed, turning over, sitting up and generally getting comfortable in bed. Comfort and sleeping well are essential not only for the well-being of a person, but also because, for some people, they may mean the difference between being able or unable to carry out activities independently.

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Adjustable Back Rest This amazing adjustable back rest is easy to change from higher to lower&nbs..
Adjustable Bed Cradle This metal Bed Cradle is a shaped rail designed to hold up the bed covers f..
Adjustable Overbed Tables These sturdy & overbed tables come with a smart laminated teak-effect t..
Ash Rise & Recline Chair The Ash offers outstandiing levels of comfort and styling with its s..
Ashbourne Over Chair Table The Asbourne is an extra wide over chair table that can be positioned ..
Assist a tray An easy to stand safety handle and swivel tray. This new, patented invention featur..
Avon Fireside Chair This Avon fireside chair has a distinctive styling and classic proportio..
Bed Fleeces Washable, fire retardant fleeces that provide warmth and comfort for hips, elbows or ..
Bradshaw Nursing Care Bed Electrically operated fully profiling nursing care bed developed specif..
Carisbrook Static Footrest The Carisbrooke Static Footrest enables the user to elevate their legs..
Centenary Overbed Table An exceptional value for money over-bed or over-chair table. The Centenar..
Cool Pillow Pad Does summer heat leave you tossing and turning all night long? Is your sleep dist..
Cool Single Bed Pad A comfortable nights sleep without noisy fans or expensive air-con. Sea..
CouchCane This solid steel, 1m long base with anti-slip pads which is placed under furniture, pro..