This section contains household disability aids designed to help with various tasks around the home which might otherwise be impossible. Included here are reachers, other long handled tools, and clever items to assist with electrical plugs. Household disability aids are often important tools for those suffering with mobility difficulties and can be the key to retaining an independent lifestyle.

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Dycem Bottle Opener Dycem Bottle Openers restores your independece maximising grip..
Dycem Jar Opener This opener takes the strain out of opening and tightening stubborn jars. The un..
Easireach II Folding Made from lightweight aluminium, this reacher is designed for people with li..
Easireach II Standard Made from lightweight aluminium, this reacher is designed for people with l..
Food Guard The incurve food guard is a flexible food guard which can be fitted to ordinary plates..
Food Preparation System This durable cutting board is ideal for those who have difficulty in grip..
Footplate Keeping your feet warm and cosy at the flick of a switch! Heat therapy is a proven w..
Freehand Tray The Freehand Tray range allows you to carry the tray and its contents with only one..
Good Grips® Cutlery Fork Good Grips® cutlery has a soft cushion grip that keeps the utensils in t..
Gripware™ Scoop Plate The low front and high back are ideal for persons with limited motor co-ord..
Handycup The rim of the Handycup is angled so that a you can drink without tipping your ..