Bathing helps with all sorts of ailments from a stressful day to aches and pains and chronic pain. Baths are a luxury that not all of us can have due to space requirements and mobility issues. However, we provide a wide range of assisted bathing options which brings the luxury of bathing to more people than ever.

There really is nothing like a long and leisurely soak in the tub to ease the stresses and strains of the day. So why not experience that soothing comfort and relaxation with our various accessories.

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Foot Brush & Sponge For hygiene of lower extremities while standing or sitting. Useful for pe..
Long Handled Toe Washer A long stem with plastic built up handle and  wire frame covered in ..
Lotion Applicator Specially designed to help apply moisturising lotions, suntan oils, sport cream..
Lotion Applicator Enables the user to apply creams, oils and lotions. Can also be used as a si..
Shower Sandal™s This Shower Sandal is designed to enable people to clean their feet without the n..