Carisbrook Static Footrest

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Carisbrook Static Footrest

The Carisbrooke Static Footrest enables the user to elevate their legs. This Static footrest makes sitting for long periods more comfortable, and can be useful after an operation or injury to the lower limbs, the cushion pad is soft and contoured to fit the shape of the lower leg, giving excellent pressure distribution. A vinyl cover ensures it is fire retardant and easy to wipe-clean. With a steel frame, the Carisbrooke Static Footrest is secure and strong. This frame is also height and angle adjustable, enabling optimum leg positioning.A coating makes it durable and hardwearing. The four non-slip rubber feet give the Carisbrooke Static Footrest an excellent grip on the floor and prevent it from sliding around.


  • Adjustable footrests with contoured calf support
  • Upholstery fire retardant to IGM source 5
  • Horseshoe clips allow the units to be adjusted for both height and ankle
  • Top size 33cm x 48cm (13" x 19")
  • Comes with four 2" non slip ferrules
  • Weight Limit 100kg (16st)

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