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Designed for comfort and style, the Hydrotilt is very easy to use. When launched in 1996 the HydroTilt changed the specialist seating market forever .it set a new standard for care chairs by achieving a fusion of form and function, blending a host of posture and pressure care functionally with a homely look.

Pressure management has been enhanced with the addition of Reflexion™ foam to the leg rest and leg rest extension – protecting vulnerable calf and heel areas. Of course, the patented ‘Water Cell Technology’ has been retained in the seat and backrest. New adjustable arms and seat width make the HydroTilt even better suited to a multi-user environment.

The tilt-in-space function and integral leg rest can be adjusted either by a pneumatic system or via a dual motor actuator system that allows repositioning at a touch of a button. The optional Auto-Tilt function allows the user to get the most from the tilt in space without any input from the carers, and gives the optimum pressure relief available from a chair of this type.

Features such as removable side-arms, hoist-friendly design and ability to move the chair from room to room also mean that manual handling has been reduced to a minimum.

Now available with Waterfall backrest!

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