Lynton Knuckle Single Motor Rise Recline Chair

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The Sherborne Lift & Rise recliner chair is a great choice for people with arthritis, rheumatism, MS, poor circulation and other mobility restrictions. 

All Sherborne Lift & Rise recliner chairs are now supplied with the unique 'Touchstop safety system' which as the name implies, the action and motors will stop after any direct contact between the metal action and human fingers, hands, arms etc., to severly reduce the chances of entrapement underneath or within the recliner mechanism.

The Single Motor Control allows you to raise the footrest before the back starts to recline.  It also enables you to reach the sleeping position from a starting point of 8" (20cm) from the wall.  The 'intelligent' third button then returns you to the sitting position.

Features include Single-use Emergency back up, generous side pocket, backlit handset for ease of use in the dark.

Small Specifications

  • Width 74.5cm (29.5ins)
  • Depth 90cm (35.5ins)
  • Height 103.5cm (41ins)
  • Seat Height 49cm (19.5ins)
  • Seat Depth 51cm (20ins)
  • Seat Width 45cm (17.5ins)

Standard Specifications

  • Width 77cm (30.5ins)
  • Depth 92.5cm (36.5ins)
  • Height 107.5cm (42.5ins)
  • Seat Height 49cm (19.5ins)
  • Seat Depth 53.5cm (21ins)
  • Seat Width 47.5cm (18.5ins)

Royale Specifications

  • Width 83cm (32.5ins)
  • Depth 94cm (37ins)
  • Height 114cm (45ins)
  • Seat Height 49cm (19.5ins)
  • Seat Depth 55cm (21.5ins)
  • Seat Width 52.5cm (20.5ins)

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