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Nursing Care Beds

We have a range of hospital beds for sale that come in a variety of sizes and styles. Bed positions can be changed with ease by pushing a button and you do not need to call for help to do this. You can also raise or lower the head, knees or foot of the bed, and the beds have fully adjustable side rails too.

Hospital beds have back, leg and height adjustment features to help you get in and out of bed. They also maximise comfort and assist nursing care staff where required, as well as increasing patient safety.

Alerta Lomond Standard Bed

Alerta Lomond Standard Bed

The  Alerta Lomond Standard Bed  provides the perfect balance between budget, functionality and quality, and comes with the added benefit of Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg tilting feature. The bed has a 3 year warranty on the bed frame and 2 years on the motors and electrics. It can be dismantled for storage or transporting 
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