Footwear Accessories

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Here you will find our full range of footwear Acessories


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Dressing Stick This wooden stick with rubber tip at one end, and special double wire hook at the ..
Easigrip Toenail Scissors With an extended blade and specially offset bladfes to faciilitate a mo..
SmartGel™ExerFeet™ Toe Stretcher Perfect for toe pain, overlapping toes, bunions and forefoot pai..
SmartGel™ Gel Bunion Covers These self-adhesive, super-soft gel covers comfort and protect painfu..
SmartGel™ Gel Bunion Relief Sleeves Cushion and comfort a tender bunion area whilst relieving pre..
SmartGel™ Bunion Toe Spreaders Protect and relieve pressure on bunions while gently re-aligning..
SmartGel™ Gel Forefoot Protector Ideal if your toes or ball of foot are sore or sensitive. The co..
SmartGel™ Looped Toe Separators Ease in-between toe pain caused by blisters, corns and rubbi..
SmartGel™ Toe Pads Suitable for blisters, corns, calluses or hammer toes. These soft, stretchy sl..
SmartGel™ Toe Spreaders Straighten overlapping toes and relieve painful pressure from bunion. The..
SmartGel™ Toe Tubes Suitable for corns, calluses, blisters, abrasions or sore toes. These stretch..
Metal Shoehorn A sturdy long white epoxy coated steel shoehorn for easier reaching. The soft PVC ..