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Many people do not realize, and often underestimate, the importance of good health. Health, as they say, is wealth. Good health is necessary to carry out daily tasks. However, health is not only about alleviating and being free from physical aspects of health. It also means being healthy in mind too. Discover our full range of accessories.

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Royal Rest® Pillow Royal Rest pillows stay cool and fresh throughout the night. The material is c..
Swivel Cushion A soft, padded, flexible turning disc ideal for use on car seats, chairs and beds...
Palm Protector Holds fingers out to prevent digging into the palm of the hand. Cuff fabricated fr..
Wrist Support The Neo-G VCS® Wrist Support is a simple wrist wrap designed to provide support and..
Medi-Dispenser This organiser can contain a week’s medication with up to four daily doses. The pl..
Pen & Pencil Holder These soft PVC holders simply fit over normal sized pens and pencils to m..
Tapestry Pill Case This luxurious weekly pill organiser with tapestry effect cover has seven sepa..
Heating pad A small heating pad to bring gentle warmth to any part of the body. Easy to use switc..
Colour coded to provide variable resistance exercises for hands, fingers and forearms. Pleasant to t..
The NSD PowerBall This unique 'non impact' properties gently works every muscle in the forearm in..