Luxury Wipe Clean V-Shaped Pillow

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Luxury Wipe Clean V-Shaped Pillow

Our Super Soft Wipe Clean V Shaped Pillow has an impermeable cover made from polyurethane and is filled with a resilient polyester filling, providing softness for the user. The unique construction means it will not collapse and flatten with use, therefore increasing the life expectancy of the product.

The pillow is flame retardant, source 5 and meets all UK Government Authority standards for use in both domestic and care settings

This support pillow can be used in chairs and beds to provide extra support whilst sitting upright or together with normal pillows to facilitate comfortable positioning when lying down.

The pale colour and soundless construction of the product ensures it will be undetectable underneath normal bedding. Cleaning is economical and easy as it can be washed with warm soapy water.

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