This section contains household disability aids designed to help with various tasks around the home which might otherwise be impossible. Included here are reachers, other long handled tools, and clever items to assist with electrical plugs. Household disability aids are often important tools for those suffering with mobility difficulties and can be the key to retaining an independent lifestyle.

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Crosshead Tap Turners These tap turners simply fit over the top of capstan tape to make them easi..
Crystal Tap Turner This ingenious device clamps around crystal taps to provide additional leverag..
Prima Grab Bar Provides additional support / stability when negotiating internal or external step..
Prima Outdoor Grab Rail This grab rail has been designed to help with entering and leaving the ho..
Stay Tray with Bean Bag The Stay Tray with bean bag sits comfortably on your lap in a stable posi..
Stayput anti-slip-tray This stylish antislip trays are designed to keep glasses, cutlery and plat..
The Doro Phone Easy 508 The Doro PhoneEasy 508 is more than just a mobile phone that has been des..
PhotoPhone 100 The PhotoPhone100 can be used for picture memory dialling or standard numerical di..
Essentials Large Key Safe This secure lockable device is accessible via a keypad designed fo..
Home Safety Alert A wireless panic and calling alarm system that has one main receiver and two pe..
These key turners have generous curved built up handles for holding keys.  They provide an easy..
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