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Anti Slip Glide Sheet This Anti Slip Glide Sheet creates a low friction area, allowing the user t..
Car Caddie Provides assistance for seniors getting in and out of a car. Simply roll down your win..
Handy Bar This handy Bar will make your life easier getting in and out of your vehicle ..
Seat Belt Reacher A convenient handle for pulling your car seat belt. This is an ideal product fo..
Splash Wheelchair Apron This Wheelchair Apron fit snugly over the lower half of your body keeping..
Splash Wheelchair Bag This strong durable bag is ideal for most wheelchairs. It has one main comp..
Splash Wheelchair Cosy The Wheelchair Cosy provides warmth and protection. It is waterproof and t..
Splash Wheelchair Poncho This protective Poncho slips over your head and provides practical shelt..
Harley Proform Cushion Maximum comfort at a minimum outlay. This versatile range is manufactured ..
Harley Visco Tex Cushion A dual layered cushion that combines a base of high density polyurethane..