Contoured Wheelchair Shawl

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Contoured Wheelchair Shawl

The contoured wheelchair shawl is incredibly comfortable to wear, and is made in way so that it doesn't restrict the arms or hands that can sometimes happen with other poncho style covers.

The shawl is just like a shoulder blanket, in that it is very easy to wear, keeping you nice and warm on cold and windy days when out and about. The shawl comes with a neck toggle to make sure it fits snuggly without being constrictive. The shawl also features a high collar to cover the neck and ears to keep them warm and the cold and wet out, whilst being sewn with a double edge for added warmth and durability.

benefits & Features

 Warm, Polar Fleece Material

Contoured To Prevent Snagging

 Elasticated, Toggled Neck Fastening

Countoured Wheelchair Shawl Measurments 

  • 69cm / 27"
  • 120cm / 47"

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