Oxford Midi 180kg Hoist

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Oxford Midi 180kg Hoist


The Oxford Midi 180 Electric hoist has a Safe Working Load of 180Kg or 28 Stone and comes with a battery and a charger. The Oxford Midi 180 Electric hoist is most cost effective hoist on the market.The hoist is preferred by the NHS and care homes as it's not only light, reliable and easy to use, it lasts for many years in the community and health services. The hoist comes in two models : Electric and Hydraulic. The 6-point spreader bar is compatible with all our range of Oxford Slings. There are three different sizes of spresder bar available Paediatric, Standard and Large to ensure the service user is comfortable and feels safe.

There is an emergency descent button that overrides the actuator in case of electrical failure. The service user will be safely lowered by the attendant easily and will be in control at all times.The emergecy stop button has been positioned ergonimically and will prevent it being depressed in error. The large push handles enables the attendant to position the hoist easily and effectively. The High Grade castors gives a smooth roll and has an easy to use brake system. The legs can be adjusted by the very easy leg adjustment pedal.You can't get a better hoist for the price.

The lastest Oxford Midi 180 Electric hoist comes with a Smart Monitor which was brought in to support care homes and hospitals to ensure they knew exactly when the hoist is in need of servicing and if the hoist has been overloaded in anyway, the service engineer can print a report which will show a chart of the usage.


Oxford Smart management tool Key Features:

  • Advises you when servicing is required
  • Easy to use controls
  • Fully programmable - fit to existing hoists that don't have a monitor
  • Report can show how many actuator lifts, inform of overload
  • Quick and Easy error identification
  • Battery power indicator


The Oxford Mini 180 hoist dimensions when assembled:

  • Mobile Hoist length: 1225mm (49.5'')
  • Maximum overall height: 1840mm (72.5'')
  • Minimum overall height: 1240mm (49'')
  • Maximum spreader bar height: 1660mm (65'')
  • Minimum spreader bar height: 525mm (20.5'')
  • Spreader bar height at maximum reach: 1060mm (42'') Spreader bar reach at maximum height: 420mm (16.5'')
  • Spreader bar reach at minimum height: 440mm (17.5'')
  • Maximum reach: 655mm (26'')
  • Turning radius: 1235mm (48.5'')
  • External width (legs open): 1170mm (46'')
  • Internal width (legs open): 1070mm (42'')
  • External width (legs closed): 600mm (23.5'')
  • Internal width (legs closed): 540mm (21.5'')
  • Overall height of legs: 100mm (4'')
  • Front castors diameter: 75mm (3'')
  • Rear castors diameter: 100mm (4'')
  • Mobile Hoist weight: 32 kgs (70.5 lbs)
  • Maximum user weight: 180 kgs (27 st)


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