Rascal Wego 250 Mobility Scooter

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Rascal WeGo 250 Mobility Scooter

Pushing a manual wheelchair can be tiring especially on hills. Powered by its battery pack the Rascal WeGO 250 Mobility Scooter puts you in complete control as the delta-style handlebars allow the carer to manoeuvre with ease compared to a traditional style attedant eletric wheelchair. Offering total security with its additional safety brake and beign easy to dismatle and trasport in the boot of a car, the WeGo 250 Mobility Scooter sits uniquely on its own in today's market.


Technical Specification

Maximum Range: 5.5 miles / 8.8 km
Maximum Speed: 3mph / 4.8kph
Colours Available: Red


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