Mobility Aids

It is very important that you can be independent. In this category you will find our various products from walking sticks and frames, to wheelchairs, mobility ramps and mobility scooters. We explain the choices that are available and, when it comes to mobility scooters and wheelchairs, the different opportunities you have for buying as well as hiring them.

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Rascal Rio Powerchair Specifically designed to combine lightweight components for easy dismantlin..
S Drive Powerstroll This excellent Powerstroll will turn most manual wheelchairs into carer contr..
P200 Powerchair Rear Wheel Drive has never looked so good Achieving the ideal seating position..
P320 Compact Powerchair The best of both worlds This slim line powerchair measures up to half ..
P327 Mini Powerchair Concentrate on what matters most - comfort, style and size This compact 4..
Wheelchair Umbrella Protection from the sun or rain is always at hand with this heavy duty umbrel..
Scooter Bag Large waterproof storage bag with multi use storage compartments. Made from hard wear..
Splash Scooter bag This durable bag is ideal for most scooters with or without a headrest. It has..
Splash Scooter Cape This practical cape will cover the user and the scooter. A clear panel at the..
Splash Scooter Cosy The scooter Splash cosy offers full lower body protection from wind and rain...
Splash Scooter Seat Cover This fully waterproof scooter seat cover is elasticated and fits over t..
Universal Scooter Cape A practical , lightweight cape that offers all round protection for both r..