The Cabin Car


We are delighted to introduce the Cabin Car - the latest in luxury for your own personal mobility.

This has taken the best features from your car and integrated them into your new mobility scooter, offering comfort and a sense of security.



With reverse camera parking sensors, heater & fan and remote central locking, the Cabin Car offers safety, security, and satisfaction with a impressive array of top-of-the-line features.

In short the Cabin Car combines the protection of a car with the mobility and ease-of-use of a mobility scooter to provide the user with a familiar environment. Fully road-legal, with it's 8mph top speed, the impressive 30 Mile range will give the user unprecedented independence. 

The Cabin Car is fitted with powerful headlights that far exceed those of regular scooters. The cabin car can boast fully-adjustable luxury seating, and central locking for that extra piece of mind. It is also suitable for use all year round. As an extra layer of security, the windows are toughened glass.                                                                                       



The cabin car has got built climate control (heating).

Cameras and sensors for precision reversing.

Remote central locking.

Remote Control included: lock and unlock.

Motor: 950W.

Batteries: 75ah x2no.

Charger smart charger included.

Lightning High intensity LED.

Illuminated Dash, digital dashboard display.

Tyres: 14” pneumatic inflated to front 25 psi and back 30 psi.

Suspension: super soft soaks up roughest terrain easily!.

Ground clearance: 11cm.

Kerb climbing capability: 13cm

Max user weight 250kg

Seating: fully adjustable captain seat

Turning: radius 198cm

Tiller adjustment



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